The Western Connecticut Economic Development Alliance is a partnership between public and private leaders that seeks to expand the economy of Western Connecticut. To achieve this goal, WCEDA developed a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy report that identified important business and demographical findings, analyzed regional and national economic trends, and developed conclusions. The result of this strategic plan is an Action Agenda that coordinates efforts among Western Connecticut’s 10 towns to attract state, municipal and private sector economic activity to the region. is one of these efforts.

Western Connecticut outperforms other New York City metro regions in a number of important ways. Western Connecticut’s stable and diverse economy, close proximity to Manhattan, skilled and productive workforce, and outstanding quality of life make the region extremely attractive to an array of businesses. Certain sectors, including advanced manufacturing, digital media, life sciences, research and development, financial services, defense, and publishing and printing, are particularly strong in Western Connecticut. In terms of lifestyle, an outstanding natural environment and close-knit communities — accompanied by less traffic congestion — make Western Connecticut an ideal choice for individuals of all ages.

WCEDA would like to help your business learn more about Western Connecticut. is your portal to the resources your business needs to thrive in the Greater Danbury region.



1. Harold Kurfehs, Coldwell Banker and Brookfield Ec. Devel. Comm., Chair of the WCEDA, CEDS Steering Committee

2. Stephen Bull, Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce and Workforce Board, CEDS Steering Committee

3. Jane Didona, Didona Associates Landscape Architects, Chair of the WCSU Studies Committee

4. Sally Herlihy, Western CT Health Network, CEDS Steering Committee

5. Nicholas Gazetos, Savings Bank of Danbury

6. Maura Ruby, Danbury Fair Mall, The Macerich Company

7. Jeff Ryer, Ryer Associates Commercial Real Estate, Chair of the Fund Raising Committee

8. Lisa Scails, Cultural Alliance of Western CT, CEDS Steering Committee

9. Roy Steiner, Berkshire Corporate Park

  1. Michael Boyle, Bethel Economic Development Commission and Base Technologies, Chair of the CEDS Steering Committee
  2. Janice Chrzescijanek, Bethel Director of Economic Development, CEDS Steering Committee
  3. Gerald Casiello, Redding Zoning Commission and SCORE Advisor
  4. David Hannon, Western CT Council of Governments staff, CEDS Steering Committee
  5. Jonathan Chew, Western CT Council of Governments staff, CEDS Steering Committee
  6. Betsy Paynter, Newtown Economic Development, CEDS Steering Committee
  7. Arnold Light, Chairman, Ridgefield Economic Development Commission
  8. Paul Steinmetz, Western CT State University
  9. Luigi Fulinello, New Milford Economic Development Supervisor, CEDS Steering Committee
  10. Bruce Tuomala, Danbury Economic Development Director and Workforce Board, CEDS Steering Committee